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Feedback from Ali's clients


Nothing as good as this!"

"Ali, you have provided a safe environment in which we could share and learn from each other, with lots of crafty learning devices so we could look at things from a different perspective.  Thank you".

"The group shows me that I am with people here who understand my situation and I can learn from them and also feel calmer and stronger because of them."

"You have made a profound impact on how I see myself as an individual, a partner and a mother.   You have inspired me, made me think, experiment and write and every week I have come away from meeting you feeling a bit more myself, a bit more ready.  The best of all of it is how much I've learned that I can do for myself.  I have a toolkit of words that come back to me again and again.  I'm so, so grateful.  Thank you for everything you do".

It's very encouraging and healing"

"Ali, thanks for running our group so well so that we felt safe to speak.  I found you warm and interested, and you were good at letting us do the talking."

"This group helped me see and manage my needs and wants more clearly...and has helped build my own self confidence."

"The group is very important to me and has been a tremendous support"

"It's an incredible opportunity to share and learn together"

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